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Vakhtang VI of Kartli se casó con Rusudan Of Circassia .

Rusudan Of Circassia

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Vakhtang VI of Kartli

Vakhtang VI of Kartli

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Vakhtang VI (Georgian: ვახტანგ VI), also known as Vakhtang the Scholar, Vakhtang the Lawgiver and Ḥosaynqolī Khan (Persian: حسین‌قلی خان‎, romanized: Hoseyn-Qoli Xān) (September 15, 1675 – March 26, 1737), was a Georgian monarch of the royal Bagrationi dynasty. He ruled the East Georgian Kingdom of Kartli as a vassal of Safavid Persia from 1716 to 1724. One of the most important and extraordinary statesman of early 18th-century Georgia, he is known as a notable legislator, scholar, critic, translator and poet. His reign was eventually terminated by the Ottoman invasion following the disintegration of Safavid Persia, which forced Vakhtang into exile in the Russian Empire. Vakhtang was unable to get the tsar's support for his kingdom and instead had to permanently stay with his northern neighbors for his own safety. On his way to a diplomatic mission sanctioned by Empress Anna, he fell ill and died in southern Russia in 1737, never reaching Georgia.